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30W Portable Split Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Plastic Bottle

  • MNA-30w


30W-Portable-Split-Fiber-Laser-Marking-Machine-for-Plastic-Bottle (1)

1. Able to mark all metal materials and some non-metallic materials.
2. Uses Germany IPG Fiber Laser Source. The Complete enclosed laser module design with the optical fiber transmission pump light source and air cooling system, which offers dust-free protection to the laser system. This greatly reduces the failure rate and results in stable laser output. It also provide a trouble and maintanence free laser system with a life span of 50, 000 hours for the laser system.
3. Able to mark a minimum line width of 0.02mm, minimum height of 0.2mm for English characters and depth of up to 1mm.
4. The MAN-30 is currently the best choice for industries seeking deep and fine marking at a fast speed.
5. Ergonomically designed. Can be placed on desktop, taking up a small working space. Low power consumption of 800W. Highly recommended for factories and retail space.
6. Low power consumption of 800W. Highly recommended for factories and retail space.
7. WINDOWS based marking software. Able to read CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other commonly used graphic files, such as AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, JPEG. Support for auto-coding, serial number, batch number, date, bar code and two-dimensional codes.  
8. Able to mark 360° Circular objects such as finger rings, bracelets and other cylindrical objects with the included rotating device.


1.Germany Made Fiber Laser Sources>> A Wide Selectivity of Operating Wavelengths, Ultra-Low Amplitude Noise, High Stability and Ultra-Long Lifetime

2. Digital Galvanometer Laser Scanning Head with Fast Marking Speed>>Fast Response Ability <0.7ms, High Speed Marking and High Precision.

3. Focus Mirror>> Singapore famous "Wavelength" brand, Fast speed, high transparent rate

4. Control System>> EZ-CAD control system with stable performance and high reliability. More than 10,000 sets of equipment are using EZ-CAD control card, shield-utilizing parts of complex functions, ensuring higher stability.

5. Red Light Pointer>>Adopt red light pointer to show the laser path since laser beam is in-visible.

6. 3D Working Table>> Made up by Precision Alloy and Imported Precise Beeline Device, can be lifting and shifting from left to right. Easy to adjust the laser focus distance.

7. Laser Power Supply>> Adopt Taiwan Famous brand, Stable performance, long life span.

8. Portable Handle>>Easy to held the machine by hand.

9. Emergency Stop>> Press it when meets error, the machine will stop working immediately to avoid losses.

10. Key Switch>> Using key swith to control the power of the machine.

11. Main Switch>> It is designed as a easy button, safe and efficient.

Model MAN-F10/20/30/50
Laser power 10W/20W/30W/50W
Laser Wavelength 1064±10nm
Q-frequency 20KHz~100KHz
Divergence 0.3mard
Marking range 110*110mm/150*150mm/200*200mm/300*300mm
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum character 0.1mm
Marking speed 7000mm/s
Marking depth 0 ~1mm
Engraving line speed ≤7000mm/s
Repeatability accuracy ±0.001mm
Beam quality M2:1.2~1.8
Marking Format

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code, automatically
marking the date, batch number, serial number,frequency,etc.
Graphic format supported bmp,jpg,gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,plt,etc.
working voltage 220V±10%/50Hz/4A
Unit power 0.5kw
Working environment Clean and dust free or dust less
Working (Humidity) 5%-75%,free of 
condensed water
Laser module life 100000 hours
Net weight 35kg
Warranty 36 months 

It is widely used in industrial: bearings, gears, and a variety of automotive parts, hardware and tools, aerospace components, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, watches, electronics and communications products.Home appliances, wire and cable, food packaging, jewelery, tobacco.
Jewelry, adornments, rings, necklace, bracelet and many other areas of graphics and text markup.
Components of automobiles and motorcycle, packaging of goods, drink and cigarette, Nameplate and etc.


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    Add : NO.17 North Lushan Road Liaocheng City China
    Phone : +86-13396353637
    E-mail : sean@man-manufacturer.com
   Skype : +86-13396353637
    Fax : +86-635-2120668
   Tel +86-635-2920668
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