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Fiber/CO2/UV Laser Marking Machine Bulb Plastic Printing Logo Engrave Machine

  • MAN-80

1Marking Material
-Metal ( Gold, silver, brass, copper, Iron, aluminum, titanium, zinc, steel...)
-Others (Oil paint surface, coating surface, plastic film, package...)


Laser type Fiber laser
Laser source RAYCUS
Galvanometer High speed  (double red focusing light and alarm lamp)
Lens F-Theta lens (110X110mm)
Wavelength 1064nm
Max Single pulse energy 1.0mj 1.0mj 0.6mj
Pulse duration 90-150ns 90-130ns 90-130ns
Laser beam quality M2 <1.6 <1.5 <1.5
Frequency 50-100KHZ 30-60KHZ 30-60KHZ
Marking speed 8000mm / s
Marking Depth 0.01-1mm
Controller BJJCZ- EZCAD software
Control program  XP/ WINDOWS 7/8/10
Marking Area 110mm×110mm (optional)
Spot size 27.5μm
Graphic format supported JPG,BMP,DXF,PLT,AI
Working voltage AC220V 50HZ  or AC110V 60HZ
Cooling type Air cooling
Operating parameter 0-40ºC
Warranty  2 years

Famous Fiber Laser SourceBrand: RAYCUS or MAX  or JPT  or IPG
Famous brand laser, maintenance-free, three-year warranty, better laser quality, also very popular in the world

Digital galvanometer
Brand: CHINA

Added double red-focus-lights and warning light, finding focal length is more convenient.
High repeatability, high scanning speed.

Genuine control card
Brand: BJJCZ 

Leading team of laser control card, Original control card, more stable, safer and longer service life

Wavelength Optical Field Lens
Brand: OPEX (Nanjing wavelength )

Professional for laser use, high light transmission and high hardness

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    Add : NO.17 North Lushan Road Liaocheng City China
    Phone : +86-13396353637
    E-mail : sean@man-manufacturer.com
   Skype : +86-13396353637
    Fax : +86-635-2120668
   Tel +86-635-2920668
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