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Mikkc Engineer

We have made first cutting test today,all was perfect.Thank you very much indeed for all your support.

Robert Silvers Business Man

So far I love it and aside from getting the old version of the software at first, I have had no problems. It came with the laser tube already installed, and it was correctly aligned.

Bill Agent

The laser is working great,Thanks for all the help that you have given me so far.


I discovered CNMANLASER about 3 years ago and continue to work with them to develop new solutions and new machinery to be implemented in our production processes. Our choice to continue collaborating with CNMANLASER and to have a single business standard is due to the quality and reliability of the integrated products and automations that we have developed together. Behind their product is a great company, made of real people with great skills, competencies and the desire to face new challenges."


Our experience with CNMANLASER can certainly be defined as positive: the high quality of the components, the possibility of customizing the system in co-design, the speed and efficiency in both scheduled and extraordinary maintenance operations make this supplier a real partner and a precious resource. As well as technically valid, in LASIT they have always proved to be kind, friendly and pleasant, people with whom to promote positive discussions. 


A visit and tour of the CNMANLASER assembly plant left us immediately impressed by the company, which offers a highly customized service focused on excellence and quality."
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