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  • The working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine

    Everyone may knows that a fiber laser cutting machine is specially used to cut thin metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. But not everyone knows the working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine. Today, i will introduce the working principle to you.
    Fiber laser cutting is uses of high power density laser beam scanning over the material surface, in a very short period of time will be heated to thousand to 10000 degrees Celsius, the material melting or gasification, and then high pressure gas melting or gasification material from the slit in the blown away to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. Because laser cutting uses not visible beam instead of the traditional mechanical knife, there will be less scratches on the materials surface. Fiber laser cutting machine have high cutting speed and stable performance, and very practical when using it in metal processing industries.
    Those are the working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine, if you are interested us fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us, We will try our best to serve for you.
  • The notes before using the laser equipment?

    Before operating the laser equipment, users should read this specification and follow
    the operation manual strictly and NOBODY is allowed to start up the machine EXCEPT THE PROFESSIONALS.
    This equipment adopts four kind of laser device
     (Strong laser radiation), the radiation may cause the following accident:
    1) Fire the tinder surroundings. 2) While processing, some other radiation and toxic,
    harmful gases may appear depend on the material. Direct laser radiation can do harm to human body.
    Therefore,fire-fighting equipment must be prepared around where the machine stands.
    Do not put flammable, explosive articles around the table and equipment,
    while keeping the good ventilation, non-professional personnel
    is allowed near the equipment.
     Manufacturing objects and emissions should accord with local laws and regulations.
     Laser processing may cause risks, users should carefully consider whether processed object is suitable for laser operation or not
     High voltage or other potential danger may be inside the laser equipment, we insist you assemble
     it under the guidance of factory professionals.
     When the equipment powered on, it should be attended and not left without man watching.
     When laser equipment is processing, it’s  forbidden to open any end cover.
     Before the machine is powered on, it should be earthed as well as the relevant accessories.
    Do not placed any irrelevant total reflection or diffuse reflection object near the equipment,

  • CNMANLASER Faults and Solutions of Laser Cutting Machine

    We should pay attention to laser cutting machine maintenance during using.When problems arise,we can solve easily with following maintenance methods
    1.No Reaction when turning on machine
       Power fuse is burnt out: replace the fuse.
       Power input is normal: Check the power input and make it properly.
       Whether the main power switch is damaged: Replace the main power switch.
    2.No laser output or laser weak
       Whether the light path is offset: adjust the optical path.
       Reflective lens contamination or damage: Clean or replace lens
       Focus distance changed or not:change focus distance again
       Focus lens contamination:clean focus lens
       Cooling water quality or temperature is normal: Replace the cleaning of cooling water to a temperature to normal
       Whether cooling water circulating: clear cooling water
       Are laser tube damage or aging: replace the laser tube
       Laser power supply is powered: Check the laser power supply circuit it properly
       Machine temperature is too high: 1 turn off  machine,let cool down; 2 ventilation strengthen machine cooling; 3 Adjust    the ambient temperature.
       Laser power supply is damaged: replace the laser power

  • How to maintain the focus lens of the laser cutting machine?

    The focusing lens of the laser cutting machine is a precision optical components.The clean degree of the focus lens will affect the machine processing performance and quality. Therefore, it is necessary to do some regular focus lens maintenance.But many customers destory the mirror because of the wrong cleaning methods.If you find the cutting edge is not good or the process capability decreased gradually.It’s time to clean the mirror.The followings are some tips to maintain the mirror.
    1. Remove the focusing mirror from the frame: Loosen the fastening screws, then remove the nozzle and the lens barrel sequentially.Blow the lens dust on the surface.
    2. If you really need to clean the lens, please use a soft cotton ball, dipped in appropriate amount of acetone or high degree of alcohol and rub from the center of the lens to the edge gently.Both sides of the lens need cleaning, and it should be careful and meticulous.
    3,.Install the lens barrel and nozzle, adjust the focal length and tighten the fastening screw. Be sure to keep the lens convex face down.
    4.Laser cutting machine focusing lenses are consumables, it should be replaced after cleaning many times to ensure the processing efficiency of the machine.
    5.When you buy a new and install the focus lens,please do not press it hard.And it can not crash with the tough subjects.
    For CO2 laser cutting machine,the cleanliness of the focus lens is the guarantee of the cutting effects.If you want to know more information about maintaining the focus lens,welcome to contact us.We have the detailed video and pictures. What’s more,our international engineer can also help you to do this job.Generally, we suggest you to prapare two sets of the mirror when you buy the machine.So that once the mirror is destoried you can replace it as soon as possible.
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